Anna Lewis

WOMEX13 Top Tips for delegates from Wales

Here are some hints and tips for WOMEX 13 delegates:

1. Do your homework – register for and use VirtualWOMEX (access via Be sure to input all your current details.

2. Set up meetings before you go. Book earlier in week to allow time for meetings with people you meet later in the week.

3. Set goals – knowledge, experiences, contacts and deals.

4. Understand the event. Before you arrive – go online/ get the WOMEX guide book, take a few minutes to look over the programme and identify what you think is a priority. If it’s your first time, go to the orientation session on Thursday. Seek advice from regular WOMEX goers.

5. Ensure your materials, particularly your website, Soundcloud, photographs etc., are up to date and relevant. Think about what people are going to see when you’re Googled. Are they reflective? Up to date?

6. Don’t overload people with papers or marketing material. Assume they are travelling light and don’t get offended if they are not keen to take anything other than a business card.

7. Listen and gain insight. Don’t just be on the sell, be curious. Be someone to whom people will want to talk.

8. Network as much as possible, including at the showcases, the stand receptions and over lunch.

9. Use the Horizons / Cerdd Cymru : Music Wales stand to meet contacts and go to a quieter area to hold the meeting – the stand is for meeting and greeting not a place to hang out. Others work there too.

10. Understand the market. Each country’s market is different. Ask your peers for advice.

11. Have a prepared short "elevator" pitch about what you do. Ask peers for help, record it (preferably film it) and watch it back. Make sure you are comfortable and honest with what you say. Don’t overstay your welcome in any conversation and don’t be offended if people walk away. Be mindful what others may be looking for is not what you have to offer. Don’t waste your time with the wrong contacts.

12. Expect exhaustion. Try to have some down time during the day. WOMEX nights are late and WOMEX days are intense.

13. Write a contact diary every day. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can forget!

14. Remember that you are representing Wales and our music. Be generous and work for all musicians/ music industry in Wales – it will pay back. If an opportunity is not right for you- do suggest a suitable alternative. Get briefed about what others are doing. Attend the pre-WOMEX briefing to network and find out how others can help you as well as you help others.

15. Let Cerdd Cymru : Music Wales staff know (preferably in advance) what you are doing and looking for in WOMEX. They can promote you to visitors on the stand on your behalf. Help them promote your work.

16. Make time to follow-up with your contacts and don’t leave it too long.

17. Feedback to your funders. They need to know what works for future support.

Don’t Forget

1. Standard business cards

2. CDs, samples or links to music

3. Pen diary/notepad/schedule.

4. To invite people to Welsh showcases

5. Be helpful - Help WOMEXicans find their way around Cardiff and to access the music of Wales. Be a

musical sign post!

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