Meet Fred, Hijinx Theatre  Photo: Jonathan Dunn

Meet Fred

Production: Meet Fred

Company: Hijinx in association with Blind Summit

Venue: The Old Lab, Summerhall (Venue 26), 1 Summerhall EH9 1PL

Performance dates and times:

Times: 15:55 – 17:00

Friday 5 – Tuesday 25 August (not 15 & 22)

Previews: 5, 6, 7 August

Contact details:


Twitter: @HijinxTheatre


About the production

"Prejudice against puppetry is the only acceptable form of prejudice" (David Sefton, Artistic Director, Adelaide International Festival).

Meet Fred is a snapshot into the life of a potty-mouthed puppet with a feisty personality who fights prejudice every day. Fred just wants to be part of the real world, get a job and meet a girl, but when threatened with losing his PLA (Puppetry Living Allowance), Fred’s life begins to spiral out of his control.

Contains strong language and puppet nudity.

***** "Unmissable" Get the Chance


Meet Fred is devised by the Company / Dyfeisiwyd Meet Fred gan y Cwmni

Director: Ben Pettitt-Wade

Stage Manager: Martin Vick

Puppeteer & Voice of ‘Fred’: Dan McGowan

Puppeteer: Morgan Thomas

Puppeteer: Craig Quat

Lucille/ Maker: Lindsay Foster

Jack: Richard Newnham

Lighting Designer/Dylunydd Goleuo: Ceri James

Technician/ Technegydd: Tom Ayres

Fred Theme music / cerddoriaeth thema Fred: Jonathan Dunn

Puppetry Dramaturgs/ Dramayddiaeth Pypedwaith: Tom Espina & Giulia Innocenti of/o Blind Summit

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