Mr & Mrs Clark

Follow Me

Production: Follow Me

Company: Frân Wen

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard

Performance dates and times: August 15 - 29, 12:45pm


Carl Russell Owen

01248 715 048 / 07557 113046


Twitter @CwmniFranWen


About the production

Follow Me is a heart-warming true tale of a child who deals with the arrival of a new baby brother by escaping into her own make-believe world and becomes an imaginary elephant like her favourite soft toy.

How does Cai, her very best friend, help her face up to the reality of the situation?

Join us on an adventure full of play, discovery and elephants!


Author: Sarah Argent
Director: Iola Ynyr
Cast: Elgan Rhys and Cêt Haf
Costume & Props: Erin Maddocks
Music: Gruff Ab Arwel

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