Volcano Theatre Company - L.O.V.E.

Volcano Theatre Company

Company Name:

Volcano Theatre Company

Description of the Company:

Volcano is an original voice in theatre, creating touring productions and site-specific events from its base in Swansea. We provoke and invigorate with performance that is dissenting, unpredictable and robust. Volcano has been making extraordinary theatre, and presenting it all over the world, for 25 years.

Aims in Edinburgh:

Looking to connect with partners, producers and programmers in Europe, the USA and Australia. Work available for small and medium-scale theatres and arts centres.

Key Contact:

Paul Davies

Contact Details:

Mobile: 07866 687656
Swansea Office 01792 464790

Production Name:


Edinburgh Venue:

Assembly Roxy


1- 25 August

Performance Times:


Production Description:

L.O.V.E. is a historic collaboration of some of the most distinctive pioneers of British Physical Theatre. It was created by Nigel Charnock, Paul Davies and Fern Smith in the early 90s, and has influenced a whole generation of theatre-makers. It is now recreated with an energetic young cast for Volcano’s 25th anniversary. The show features three lovers who play out their passions, pleasures, anxieties and jealousies through the words of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Its story is based on the implied figures in the Sonnets – the poet, the "lovely boy" and the "dark lady". It is physical, exuberant, athletic, sensual, and sometimes violent. The design is simple and sumptuous, relying for its effect on lavish fabrics, beautiful lighting and colours, real bodies, and an excess of a few simple and suggestive objects: roses, books and champagne. The words of the show are mostly from the Sonnets, with a few sections improvised by the actors. Age guidance 16+.


75 mins

Number in Cast:


Touring availability:

October 2013 – December 2014

Size of Company on tour:


How the production is transported:

By land: 1 LWB transit van.
By air: 200kg freight.

Technical Requirements:

Minimum stage dimensions 7m x 6m x 4.5m. Proscenium arch with black tabs or black box. Sprung wooden floor and black dancefloor essential.

Wrap-around activities/outreach:

Post-show talks. Workshops and residencies in physical theatre, devising, working with text etc.

Key review quotes:

"The entire performance is like one long lovemaking session. It’s magnificent and it isn’t war." Time Out

"Until you have seen Volcano you have not really seen dangerous theatre." The Guardian

"It is rare, as a regular theatre-goer in a western country, to see a taboo aired, broken, stamped on and thrown away in the space of a few lusty seconds." The Financial Times

Link to Company website:


Other productions available for touring:

Alice in Wonderland (from Jan 2014)

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