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Theatr Genedlaethol

Company Name:

Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru

Description of the Company:

Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru is the Welsh-language national theatre of Wales. It produces a varied programme of work of wide appeal, which includes large scale tours, community projects, site specific work and imaginative and ambitious theatrical activity throughout Wales and beyond.

Aims in Edinburgh:

To raise awareness internationally of the Welsh-language national theatre; to promote the company's work, particularly in relation to international touring opportunities; and to foster new international partnerships that could lead to creative collaborations.

Key Contact:

Arwel Gruffydd

Artistic Director

Contact Details:

07903 842 545 /

Presence in Edinburgh:

Trade Fair

Edinburgh Venue: Waverley Gate, EH1 3EG


23 August, 09.30 – 12.00

Productions available to tour:

Production Name (1/4):

Llwyth (Tribe)

Production Description:

Rugby international night in Cardiff and the tribes are out in force. Wales has lost, but four gay friends are determined to have a night to remember… whatever the cost. Brothers in arms? Or every man for itself?

Production Name (2/4):

Dyled Eileen

Production Description:

Dyled Eileen portrays Eileen and Trefor Beasley's protest against their local authority in the 1950s to have their tax bill in Welsh. During their eight year struggle, they refused to pay their debt to the then 'Rural District Council of Llanelli', and as a result, watched the bailiffs carry away nearly all their possessions bit by bit.

This heartfelt script brings to life this passionate, yet humble and very personal story and takes us on a journey to remember the sacrifice that this young couple made in their fight for fairness for the Welsh language.

Production Name (3/4):


Production Description:

Discontented with conquering his mother’s curse and creating a wife from flowers with the help of magic, Lleu now longs for an heir. Blodeuwedd is also unhappy, trapped in a human form and lured by the wild nature of the forest. When young prince Gronw Pebr falls into this trap, deception, betrayal, lust and murder follows.

Production Name (4/4):


Production Description:

Desires get under the skin and fears are felt to the bone in this heartfelt piece of physical theatre from The Netherlands by the unique artist Roos van Geffen. With a Welsh adaptation by award-winning writer Angharad Price, Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru brings to a Welsh audience this remarkable production, that takes place in a specially designed mobile theatre, in three languages – Welsh, Dutch and English.

Roos has collected the deepest fears and desires of random passers-by all over Europe, and has weaved these very personal stories to create a modest and poetic work in which the personal becomes universal.

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