The Junket Club - Benjamin Partridge: An Audience With Jeff Goldblum

The Junket Club

Company Name:

The Junket Club

Description of the Company:

A comedy club based in South Wales that hosts pre-existing shows and has recently begun to create its own work.

Key Contact:

Benjamin Partridge

Contact Details:

Production Name:

Benjamin Partridge: An Audience With Jeff Goldblum

Edinburgh Venue:

The Banshee Labyrinth Cinema; Venue 156


3rd-24th August (no shows on Tuesdays)

Performance Times:


Production Description:

A one man comedy show in which the actor Jeff Goldblum presents his life and what he has learned from it. However, Jeff seems more like a man from Wales than you'd expect.


1 hour

Number in Cast:


Touring availability:

Available to tour Autumn 2013 - Summer 2014

Size of Company on tour:


How the production is transported:

1 car

Technical Requirements:

Water on stage, a projector and screen, PA system with microphone

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