Living Pictures Productions - Diary of a Madman

Living Pictures Productions

Company Name:

Living Pictures Productions

Description of the Company:

Living Pictures is regarded as a leading training resource for director training in the UK. We produce theatre using specific theatre practises and have had critical as well as audience success with such productions of The Nest, Sexual Perversity in Chicago and our current production, Diary of a Madman.

Aims in Edinburgh:

  1. We hope to create new audiences for our work and to get the name of Living Pictures out to a wider audience.
  2. To develop interest in our company and what we do.
  3. Find other touring venues/Festivals for Diary of a Madman both in the UK and Abroad.

Key Contact:

Robbie Bowman

Contact Details:
07757 628 950

Production Name:

Diary of a Madman

Edinburgh Venue:

Venue 13


3rd of August to the 24th of August

Performance Times:

4.00pm (3rd to 11th of August), 4.31 (13th to 24th August)

Production Description:

1830s Russia. Poprishchin is in his 40's - a low ranking civil servant for the Government, struggling to make his mark on life, but one day he makes an amazing discovery. Could he really be the next King of Spain?

Driven insane by government bureaucracy and hierarchy, Gogol's dark comedy exposes one man's reality spiralling deeper into a surreal fantasy world.


70 minutes

Number in Cast:


Touring availability:

Available from autumn 2013

Size of Company on tour:


How the production is transported:

Combo van - 1.7 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, 1.2 meters tall.

Technical Requirements:

Lighting Rig and sound in each venue. We tour with a lighting board. The set is simple and easily transportable.

Wrap-around activities/outreach:

The key here would be offering free/to no cost workshops for students 14 and above and also, Adults in the techniques of Michael Chekhov.

Key review quotes:

"Robert Bowman perfectly encapsulates a range of emotions as we watch him unravel before our eyes and head deeper and deeper into a fantasy world."
- Western Mail

"Robert Bowman’s extraordinary portrayal of the eponymous narrator of Gogol’s Diary of a Madman at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff stood out. Here was acting of raw power and intensity and will long in my memory."
- Nick Capaldi Chief Executive Arts Council for Wales - a review of the arts scene in Wales for 2011, Western Mail

"Bowman's performance reached out and touched us with every inch of his largeness. He wasn’t just showing us something he’d created in rehearsal; we were witnessing him creating."
- Leslie Herman Jones, 3rd Age Critic, National Theatre of Wales Community

Links to Company website / production footage:

Other productions available for touring:

None at present but planning a production of Oleanna by David Mamet in March 2014.

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