Dance Dome

Coreo Cymru,
URRL, Chapter

Company Name

Coreo Cymru / Urban Reaction Research Lab / Chapter

Description of the Company:

Since 2012, Chapter in partnership with Coreo Cymru (Creative Producer for Dance in Wales) has facilitated a programme to encourage the creation and production of new dance activity and to support the development of Wales based artists and companies like Urban Reaction Research Lab, with whom The Dance Dome project has been created.

Aims in Edinburgh:

  • To introduce new audiences to dance through an immersive experience
  • To secure future bookings to outdoor festivals, art & dance events and venues.
  • To promote the work of Welsh companies, choreographers, dancers and multimedia practitioners

Key Contact:

Carole Blade 07846 303 853

Matt Wright (URRL) 07734 471 356

Production Name:

The Dance Dome

Edinburgh Venue:

The GrassMarket, presented by Dance Base.


19th to 26th August 2013

Performance Times:

Between 11am and 9pm daily.


Production Description:

The Dance Dome is a portable 360º cinema that blurs the boundaries between movement, digital technology and cinema, wrapping dance around the viewer to create a truly unique immersive experience.

Co-produced by Coreo Cymru (Creative Producer for Dance in Wales) and Urban Reaction Research Lab with support from Chapter and the Arts Council of Wales, the Dance Dome presents a trilogy of dance films created by an international crew and featuring choreography by award-winning companies Earthfall, Taikabox and Harnisch-Lacey Dance Theatre.

As a self-contained venue, the Dance Dome provides visitors with a visual experience normally only accessible from within a planetarium environment.

The trilogy includes Pal O Me Heart, a Fulldome adaptation of Earthfall’s most critically acclaimed production accompanied by The Beautiful, featuring contemporary dance and Chinese pole and the 2012 Innovation Prize Winner at Domefest, USA, The Sublime, which features break-dance and Parkour.

Experience dance like never before.


35 min rolling programme

Number in Cast:

6 people

Touring availability:


Size of Company on tour:

3 to 6 people

How the production is transported:

1 large transit van (high top medium wheel base transit or mid height long wheel base transit or similar)

Technical Requirements:

8mx14m footprint with tunnel entrance (8mx8m without tunnel)

5m-height clearance

16 Amp Single Phase Power Supply


Van Site Access

Get-in: 6 to 8 hours

Get-out: 4 to 6 hours

Wrap-around activities/outreach:

The Dance Dome is manned & operated by the projects producers allowing for plenty of opportunities to educate and enrich the viewer and their experience. The team is passionate about the process and happy to share their production knowledge.

Key review quotes:

"The Dance Dome was a wonderful addition to Dancin’ Oxford’s outdoor festival programme. It attracted a lot of tourists (as well as local residents), which was great. Audience numbers were extremely high and the feedback received was extremely positive. It certainly achieved our aim for it in terms of offering something different to the festival audience and engaging with a new audience in new ways. I think the concept of it is hugely attractive and it works extremely well as part of an outdoor festival programme.

"It offered a truly unique experience for the vast majority of the audience and the verbal feedback we gathered from viewers afterwards really emphasized this.

"I put a lot of the credit to the success on the day to URRL´s team. The whole team worked incredibly hard and enthusiastically and were a great pleasure to work with." - Clare Thompson, Festival Organizer Dancin´Oxford.

"I believe the Dance Dome will be a fantastic and innovative addition to the Fringe programme this summer, it offers something new, inspiring and completely unseen at the festival previously. Having programmed the Dance Dome outside Wales Millennium Centre in 2012 (as a part of Big Dance), I have witnessed its appeal and popularity first hand.

"The Dome truly raises the profile of Welsh dance, not only by showcasing the work but doing so by using cutting edge technology to immerse the audience in the work." - Gareth Lloyd Roberts - Wales Millennium Centre.

"We in Earthfall are truly delighted to be part of what is an extraordinary and exciting project. Our stage show was acclaimed by audiences across the UK and Europe and we hope we can transfer the magic from the live performance into the film Pal o` me heart". - Jessica Cohen - Co-artistic Director of Earthfall

Links to Company website / production footage:

The Beautiful movie:

The Sublime movie:

The making of Submergence:

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