Christine Buxton - Three Women

Christine Buxton

Company Name:

Christine Buxton

Description of the Company:

Independent creative, solo artist, writer, director. Based in Cardiff.

Aims in Edinburgh:

Literary or writer’s agent; representation; touring – open to ideas but my work is popular in USA.

Key Contact:

Christine Buxton

Contact Details:

07801 698605

Production Name:

Three Women

Edinburgh Venue:

Greenside 231 Studio 2


2-10, 12-17, 19-24 August inclusive

Performance Times:

all 4pm

Production Description:

Veiled women gather at the site of the crucifixion. Wealthy women, and the very poorest, many of whom remain nameless. They live in a land occupied by conquering armies and governed by foreigners. When their male companions flee the scene, the women remain, and watch, and wait.Who were these women? And why were they there?

Christine Buxton’s solo performance reflects upon ancient texts and modern interpretations. And the stories of these defiant, thoughtful, inspired women are told, until curfew forces them home…


50 minutes

Number in Cast:


Touring availability:

Immediately after Edinburgh and ongoing

Size of Company on tour:


How the production is transported:

A suitcase, which works as luggage allowance on any form of public transport.

Technical Requirements:

Minimal. I bring a backdrop of fireproofed calico and organza stretched on washing line with hooks for hanging. A chair and table may be borrowed. Standard lighting wash with scroller or computerised equivalent.

Wrap-around activities/outreach:

Lecture; Q&A; available for interview; educational programme. Multi-cultural; women’s groups; religious studies; classics; history; English language studies; English as a foreign language; general interest.

Key review quotes:

Christine brings a huge intellectual and cultural hinterland to the practice of theatre. - Prof. Steve Blandford.

Greenside has not grown beyond its honest roots but is shaping to attract and retain audiences - The Skinny.

This simple yet thought provoking piece of theatre transports the audience to a time and place familiar to us all… or is it? - Einir Sion, Theatr Soar

Links to Company website:

Other productions available for touring:

Subject to negotiation.

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