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Wales European Arts Forum

Wales European Arts Forum is an informal network of arts and cultural organisations in Wales who are either already engaging in European networks or projects and those who are looking to do so.

Established by us in March 2009, the Forum aims to provide members with an opportunity to share experience, opportunities and to network across artforms as well as address practical needs in terms of support and training.

We have hosted and participated in several events where Forum members have had the opportunity to meet representatives from, and participate in informative seminars with cultural organisations from across Europe (eg. Visiting Arts, Cuture Action Europe etc):

- March 2009 - Networking seminar, Brussels
- September 2009 - European Cultural Forum, Brussels
- December 2009 - Swansea, Wales
- April 2010 - Cardiff, Wales
- September 2010 - Colwyn Bay, Wales
- May 2011 - Aberystwyth, Wales

If you are an arts organisation based in Wales and are interested in finding out what’s happening in the cultural field at European Union level we would like to invite you to join our Forum.

Please fill out the following form - Wales European Arts Forum Questionnaire and return to zelie.flach@wai.org.uk

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