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Arts Council of Wales, through Wales Arts International, partners in European funded INTERREG project Toolquiz.

Wales Arts International participated alongside thirteen European partners from seven regions, in an inter-regional project to look at new ways of thinking about economic development in a cultural context.

Toolquiz was a 3-year project looking to develop recommendations on how to shape public policies at regional level through culture, creativity and human development. Toolquiz aimed to create, exchange and transfer a number of ‘tools’, including models and case studies based on successful projects from across partner regions, that demonstrated and quantified the potential of the creative and cultural sectors.

As part of this project Wales Arts International developed key relationships with regional governments in the European Union, alongside universities and cultural organisations. Of benefit to Wales was access to an EU network that provided input and ideas on future EU policy, future Cohesion Funds and the EU2020 agenda.

Project partners :


The Toolquiz project ran from January 2010 to December 2012. Activities organised by WAI included:

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Wales - China 2017

Thomas Martin - Stratum 50 - Open Books

India Wales

Hay Festival Kerala

Patagonia 150

Patagonia - Marc Rees