Clychau Aberdyfi - Paraguay

Bowen, Robin Huw

Festival Mundial del Arpa en el Paraguay, October 2013

The triple harp harpist Robin Huw Bowen received support from Wales Arts International to perform and give a workshop in the Festival Mundial del Arpa en el Paraguay in 2013. The harp is officially considered the national instrument of Paraguay, so the festival received incredibly enthusiastic attention and support from the people and authorities of Asunción, with over two thousand people attending a concert in a park in the city on the third night of the festival. Robin says:

"It was a pleasure to receive the invitation to the festival, to be able to reach an audience which is new to me, both laypeople and professionals. … Even though it was an audience well versed in the harp and its music, the triple harp with its unique voice and effects, our Welsh melodies and their captivating variations, were a new and wondrously magical discovery for them. Undoubtedly, I managed to put Wales on the map there, and showed them how special our unique harp tradition is."

During his visit, he also had the opportunity to network with other artists, which has led to more opportunities to work internationally with artists from many different countries, and to visit Arpa Roga, the harp school in Asunción, where he was inspired by the talent and enthusiasm of the young people:

"The experience of meeting them, listening to them and watching them has opened my eyes to what can be achieved with the harp tradition here in Wales, and my possible part in it. I would be delighted to start a project teaching the triple harp and Welsh music to a whole new generation of young Welsh people, so that they too can have the opportunity to understand their own correct tradition, and to love it with the same conviction as the Paraguayans do. Watch this space … "

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