Gwyn, Richard

Richard Gwyn travelled to Argentina and Chile to attend the launches of The Vagabond’s Breakfast in Spanish in those countries. He presented the work at universities and at literary institutions in Buenos Aires and Santiago and met with many writers and translators and was interviewed for a number of publications and radio shows.

This experience was invaluable in developing Richard’s understanding of the literary landscape and networks in these places, particularly in Chile. Richard commented:

"Experientially, I have gained a great deal from this trip, particularly with regard to the Chilean leg of the journey. I am more familiar with Argentina’s literary scene, and therefore had more to learn in Santiago.

As the guest of Chile’s leading publisher it has allowed me an insider glance at the workings of Chile’s arts and culture sector that would not otherwise have been possible. I met with and discussed cultural and political matters with individuals who took active part in the resistance to the Pinochet regime, or were in exile during that dictatorship.

Two gatherings to which I was invited, held by leading journalists and cultural commentators at private houses, allowed me to hear and take part in conversations that added greatly to my understanding of contemporary Chile, its culture and politics, something which will be of value to me in compiling ‘Unfinished Journey’, my account of travels on Latin America, to be published as a consequence of the Creative Ambassadorship.

In both countries I took part in conversations with poets and writers, bought and was gifted anthologies and collections of work that will aid me in the compilation of my forthcoming anthology of Latin American Poetry."

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