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Roberts, Stephanie

Stephanie Roberts was supported to go to an International Mosaic Festival in Chile to contribute to the production of a mosaic, and to learn from the organiser about how to project manage initiatives such as this, particularly related to regeneration.

"The ‘1st International Urban Mosaic Intervention’ was a collaboration devised by Chilean mosaic artist and art director, Isidora Paz Lopez. The project was to unite 80 international mosaic artists to collaborate and transform the facade of the Municipal building in Puente Alto, Santiago, Chile. The collective of artists would producing a large public art mosaic that shared an international legacy of promoting urban art collaborations, skill sharing, connectivity with residents and artists. The people of Puente Alto would gain an educational and environmentally enhancing public art mural that would strengthen their sense of pride for the district.

I met Isidora at the British Association for Modern Mosaic, BAMM, annual Forum in September, 2013, of which I am a member. She introduced her previous urban mosaic projects in Puente Alto in 2011 and promoted ‘1st International Urban Mosaic Intervention’ Chile January in 2014. The project involved a collaboration of 60 International and 20 Chilean mosaic artists. In October 2013, I had secured a place in the international artist ‘Line up’. 23 nationalities were represented in the project including respected mosaic artists and sculptors from around the world- Gary Drostle, Carrie Reichardt, Sherri Warner Hunter, Mosazim and The Global Mosaic Project, just some of the names and organisations represented.

The support of Wales Arts International was crucial to crediting the invitation I received by Isidora to participate in this international event and opened an opportunity for me to showcase my art form and style to my contemporaries. I had a opportunity to gain exposure and use this international platform to create a piece of mosaic art that highlighted my unique methods and story telling approach to my art. I was focused on showcasing my individual style, use of material and broadcast my techniques to my piers, which brought on curiosity and intrigue. The opportunity also allowed me to work on a collaborative project with some of the most respected mosaic artists, sharing techniques and materials. Past projects and art pieces were shared and discussed through presentation events giving unique understanding and extra knowledge into processes and construction techniques, a masterclass of education.

This project has lifted my profile in the mosaic industry, the artists I met in Chile have portrayed their interest in my work though their positive comments and their desire to follow my future art via social media. My contact base has increased massively and via this outlet I will continue to network and promote my work locally and internationally."

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