Arwel, Rhisiart

Wales - Patagonia Music Exchange

Rhisiart Arwel travelled to Argentina in February 2015 to perform at the Patagonia Celtica festival in Trevelin and to meet with potential collaborators across Chubut. He was fortunate enough that all of the four musicians and two chamber ensembles agreed to work with him on this project during the 150 year celebrations of the Welsh arriving in Chubut in 2015.

Rhisiart secured dates to perform with guitar quartet TEMPO in Puerto Madryn, Gaiman, Trelew and with Escuela de Arcos in Trevelin. He also performed duets for two guitars with Mario Mansilla and then duets for the violin and guitar with Michael Winter for the performances in Trevelin.

Rhisiart said:

"Getting to collaborate with musicians from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences was certainly fantastic. Even though we, here in Wales, are familiar with South American music and perform it frequently in concerts, having the opportunity to perform it (and hear it) in the context of the culture itself was a brilliant experience.

The standard of my playing as well as the depth of my understanding of South American music has certainly benefited greatly.

Without the help of Wales Arts International this would not have been possible. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity."

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