Rachel Busby_IOF_URRA_Residency_BuenosAires_Oct2014

Busby, Rachel

URRA - Art Residency in Buenos Aires 2014

Rachel Busby was invited to attend the annual URRA month long residency in Buenos Aires in October 2014. She was selected as one of 16 international visual artists who shared working studios to encourage interaction and a stimulating environment to create new work. The residency included visits to key institutions in Buenos Aires, artist talks given by each participating artist, a group exhibition, open studios, and meetings with artists based in Buenos Aires. The residency is designed to enable artists to collaborate, exchange ideas and networking.

Rachel found she learnt a great deal about her own practice during the residency, and that it was an ideal opportunity for her to develop the process of creation, moving away from her own memories to a new place, unrelated to previous experience, and enabled her to experiment and take risks with her painting style.

"I have never been in such an environment where each of the artists had come from such different backgrounds. It was curious and exciting to get to know and understand the artist as well as their practice. In particular, I found the Latin American artists the most educational. Hearing about their daily lives, the social, economic and political environment that they grew up and work in now. How they survive as artists and their general view on the artworld as well as their own practice. An insight that I'd never quite understand or appreciate if they were living/studying in the UK."

URRA is a Residency based in Buenos Aires. We have supported a number of artists to undertake a residency since 2011, including S Mark Gubb, Holly Davey, and Anthony Shapland. For further information about URRA, visit http://www.urraurra.com.ar/

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