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Atkinson, Tiffany

Writers' Chain Wales-Latin America

Tiffany Atkinson participated in the Wales - Latin American Writers Chain across Patagonia with Karen Owen, Richard Gwyn, Nia Davis, and Mererid Hopwood.

Wales Literature Exchange led a series of translation workshops and readings between Welsh, Chilean and Argentinian writers across Patagonia, in partnership with the Club de Traductores Buenos Aires and local partners in August/September 2013.

They travelled to Buenos Aires, then on to Trelew before making their way across from east coast Argentinean Patagonia to west coast Chilean Patagonia in the company of Silvia Camerotto, Veronika Zondek and Jorge Fondebrider.

Activities included lectures, readings, workshops and numerous opportunities to meet South American writers – from a minority language writer of Mapuche heritage near the border of Argentina and Chile to Welsh-speaking Argentinean school children.

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