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Contemporary performance practice in Wales

Platfform is a short series publication exploring contemporary performance practice in Wales being produced by Wales Arts International. Platfform have been distributed to theatre companies, programmers and British Council contacts internationally.

Plafform 3

Platfform un/1
, Autumn 2003, includes features on Eddie Ladd, Marc Rees and Eve Dent; Paul Davies writing about the work of Volcano Theatre Company; and text extracts from Raindogs by Pearson / Brookes / Thomas, Scarface by Eddie Ladd and Meic Povey's Indian Country.

Platfform dau/2, Autumn 2004, includes features on Michael Toppings' The House Project, a collaboration between ointment and Boreal Art/Nature, Mapping 001 and Good Cop Bad Cop; and text extracts from The House Project, Gary Owen's Ghost CIty and Eddie Ladd's stafell B.

Platfform tri/3, published in August 2007, features explorations of recent contemporary performance art and also aims to provoke thought about the marking and documenting of artistic work in Wales. Alongside this marking of these artistic events, themes of memory and the remembering of past artistic acts throws into question what is really known and retained.

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