Sara Rees

Sara Rees

Imaging Wales

Sara Rees is substantially involved in an exploration of subjectivity in her work, which she does through activity in a variety of predominantly time-based media (video, installation and performance). She explores areas of the human existence which lie beyond what is usually construed as 'Reason', and the things which cause us to cross the threshold between it and 'normality'. Thus her subjects are altered states of consciousness (physically, emotionally or spiritually induced); trauma; death; grief; love and 'madness':

In such states we might find ourselves cast out of the world. In a society that hides death, silences madness and erases all signs of decay, such a position is abject. My work proposes that we need to create our own iconographies and rituals of mourning, to embrace the uncanny as integral to our experience and understanding of life, of being human. Perhaps here, beyond the hygienic Order of Things, we may encounter the sublime.

In Memento at the G39 gallery, she showed two installations which were the summation of her work. One was a light projection in which palimpsests of fragments, as if from a diary of half-remembered texts, advanced and receded tantalisingly in the total environment of a darkened room; the other, more Gothic, consisted of a static cellar installation, in which two slabs of smoked glass stood in lieu of tombs below a glass chandelier. Both works were extremely well-crafted and highly evocative: Rees might almost be called a forensic artist, as through her highly poetic constructs, she compels us to where most of us have been culturally conditioned not to go.

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