Philippa Lawrence

Philippa Lawrence

Imaging Wales

Philippa Lawrence's recent work certainly travels in realms of gold and does so too with "subtle transformations of great beauty". These transformations are sometimes merely quirky, but are also often profoundly unsettling:

I am interested in the process of ‘making’, drawn to a methodical, repetitive practice that demands patience, discipline and rigour. The physical involvement and time invested in the work can be read as obsessive, yet this very effort imparts a quiet strength and presence to each piece – even to the most humble of ‘icons’. Whilst striving for clarity and focus I seek to transform the commonplace and overlooked, to reinterpret the ordinary and make work out of the mundane.

Her ideas have often led to the gaining of a specific set of new skills – such as gilding, to make the installation Glow. Similarly, when working with notions of genetic fragility, she undertook classes in scientific glass-blowing to make Spermball.

Clearly she rejoices in repeated elements: the hundreds of nails acting in lieu of flies in her Chapter installation and her hundreds of gilded light bulbs in Glow.

She notices the commonplaces of the everyday world, nothing as obvious as clichés, and draws our attention to her subjects by repetition, by altering their context, or by altering the essence of what she observes. As in her gilding of houseflies, she forces us to recognise the innate poetry of things and forces us too into reflecting upon what redeems the commonplace.

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