Karen Ingham

Karen Ingham

Imaging Wales

Karen Ingham has exhibited at the Berlin, Edinburgh, Sundance and Melbourne film festivals, at the ICA and National Portrait Gallery and the NFT, London. She is an interdisciplinary lens-based artist and is Head of the newly-established Centre For Lens-Based Arts at Swansea Institute. Recent exhibitions have included Death's Witness, an international touring exhibition and publication, and Ha Ha - a Pictorial Folly, for which she wrote and showed work concerned with the various conventions of landscape and its depiction. A compilation of hers, the book Paradise Park dealt with the estates and communities around her place of work. She reflects a post-modern concern with hybridism and for an intersection between theory and practice in her work, which encompasses site-specific installations and temporary public art projects.

Her work is concerned predominantly with two areas: the synthetic landscape and the notion of 'place' and the post-modern body and the discourse between art and anatomy. Her current project, Anatomy Lesson, she calls a "post-modern appropriation" of the canonical Dutch suite of 'Anatomy Lesson' paintings and involves collaboration with the leading centres of European anatomical practice and history: Padova, Edinburgh, Dublin and London.

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