Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown

Imaging Wales

Christopher Brown is an artist who also functions as Development Officer for G39 Temporary Contemporary Artspace, in which capacity he has, with Anthony Shapland, been responsible for the organisation of in excess of thirty exhibitions. He is also a writer who regularly contributes to [an] magazine. His most recent exhibition was Lay of the Land at S1 Gallery, Sheffield, a series of video/sound installations: One Square Inch of Land; Echo and Bore, in which he explored different facets of landscape and its complex layerings and possible ‘readings’ on the basis of conventions of mapping and the large variety of variously-cultured responses to it. These are all aspects which he says are not readily readable or apparent:

Its histories, futures, its very fabric, and how it might affect the physiological responses of those who inhabit and pass through. It is an enquiry into the physical world: an examination of places.
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