Cerith Wyn Evans

Cerith Wyn Evans

Imaging Wales

Cerith Wyn Evans began his career as a video and film-maker, originally as an assistant to the late Derek Jarman, and also collaborating with Michael Clark, the dancer and choreographer. In the 1980s his series of short experimental films were extensively shown internationally. He began working in sculpture and installation work in the early 1990s and had his first solo exhibition at White Cube in 1996. His works deal with the phenomenology of time, language and perception and he seeks to create somewhere that "is out of place, the skew, the hinge in reality on which the relation of image and object swings".

To achieve this and explore his ideas on perception and conceptual limits, Evans uses a variety of media including firework texts, photography, neon, film, and sculpture:

I try and evoke in the work an interstitial space between picture and word or language and another language, between on and off: the in-between spaces… things that are between one person’s perception and another person’s perception
(Frieze 2001)

Evans has a growing reputation: he has shown in the British Art Show, at Venice, the Hayward and the Tate.

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