Anthony Shapland

Anthony Shapland

Imaging Wales

Anthony Shapland is another of the younger generation of ‘hybrids’, artists who have to balance their essentially private creative activities with the public display of their product. He has been thoughtful about his difficulties in reconciling this with his other area of activity: generally recruiting an income and acting as Project Director for G39, of which he was joint founder. His solution has been the incorporation of various areas of activity into his artistic practice and reconciling them successfully. In an Artist’s Statement (2003) he has written of this:

…my concerns with presenting the work of other artists has become an important part of what I do within my practice. This has led to an interesting point at which the work has re-surfaced; moving away from an over interest in the sublime or the phenomenological the work has become much more grounded and urban. Some of the work is tongue-in-cheek humorous; other parts more sombre and serious.

Previous concerns with the idea of transformation of something base or mundane into something more momentous or epic have surfaced in this work in different ways. Recent work has dealt with these states of transition, using a wide variety of sources… I have been looking at diurnal events or transitional points when one thing becomes the other, focusing on the unnamed parts between the two.

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