Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper

Imaging Wales

For the last twenty years, Andrew Cooper has designed and fabricated works, often on a very large scale, in answer to commissions for various public places. He sees this as a form of ‘apprenticeship’, which has been invaluable for his artistic development and culminated in the maturation of his works for exhibition, which he sees as freer and more discursive

My work’s purpose is to bisect and envelop environments and with attention to detailing, enhance the architectural spirit, concealing the thrust of my true intention. The subdivision of distance and time are decisive factors in our being and the disruption of these elements impels us to question our familiar references.

Walking around/through the structures the integrated components of light, dark and sound metamorphose as private spaces for introspection. His major work Eurhythmy is at present being installed at the Coed Hills Rural Artspace.

Wales - China 2017

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