Conn, Gerald

Animation with Mobile Technologies Collaborative Project with Auckland University of Technology

Gerald Conn travelled to Auckland Art and Design School, to introduce his unique sand animation work focusing on mobile technologies. He also used this opportunity to establish relationships with the hope of developing a future collaboration with Auckland University of Technology, particularly regarding their work developing filmmaking with indigenous culture in New Zealand and the Pacific Region. He also ran a series of workshops at the university, as they are planning to use animation as a tool for the dissemination of health information in Asia and the Pacific Region.

Gerald also presented a paper at MINA 2014 (Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa), the international conference for film making techniques with mobile-based technology, and worked with students in New Zealand through presentations and workshops, to develop collaborative animation. The presentation he gave using two case studies from his own work using GoPro and animation were well received.

Despite having thoroughly planned his visit, some opportunities need to be seized as they arise:

"There were a number of unforeseen networking opportunities that came about as a result of this visit that may have useful outcomes for the future development of my work. Attending the Augmented Reality workshop was also an unexpected part of the trip and I learnt about some significant technological developments in filmmaking with iPad and other mobile devices which will prove useful as part of my own work in this media. I also produced a short film during this workshop which encouraged me to make a spontaneous visual record of Auckland".

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