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Turnbull, Stephanie

The aim of my project was to gain new skills and expand upon my lithographic research through collaborative experience and self-directed research. My project was to visit certain parts of Australia in order to spend time with a number of practitioners, who I felt could add to my current practice and enable it to develop. My first stop was in Brisbane at Queensland college of Art (QCA) to attend Tim Mosely’s artist book conference (abbe) and more importantly to learn his sophisticated technique of pulp printing. The second stop was to the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) to delve into part of the Ken Tyler Collection. My residency at the Federal University Ballarat gave me time to focus on a new body of work taking inspiration for the prints I saw at the NGA. Finally I spent time with Theo Tremblay at Tremblay Editions NFP.

I have gained a number of things from this experience. Firstly I have learnt a new skill in regards to pulp printing. Networking was also an incredibly valuable aspect of this trip. I have met and become acquainted with a number of arts practitioners from, printmakers, to book artists, papermakers to curators. These contacts could open up potential collaborative opportunities as well as the opportunity to take part in exhibitions and events both in Australia and Wales.

WAI contributed to Stephanie Turnbull’s travel costs to visit Australia for her project titled ‘paper Pulp printing and collaborative research’.

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