Daniel Crawshaw

Crawshaw, Daniel

Out and Back - residency and exhibition at Gippsland Art Gallery and Conwaar Arts Network in Victoria, Australia

Daniel is a landscape painter from Gladestry (Llanfiar Llythynwg) in Powys, Wales. He immerses himself directly in his surrounding landscapes and creates work through study visits. His photo based paintings convey a mixture of documentary realism and romantic evocation.

Crawshaw was offered a major exhibition opportunity in Australia and engineered an ambitious, multifaceted project with the working title 'Out and Back'. The exhibition involved two residencies - the first in The Snowdonia National Park in North Wales and the second in The Alpine National Park, Victoria, Australia. The work Daniel created was then exhibited at The Gippsland Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia and The Sidney Nolan Trust, Prestigne, Powys in Wales. This was an opportunity for Daniel to present his work in an international arena and develop important aspects of his practice.

WAI supported Daniel Crawshaw with costs for his Australian residency and to attend The Gippsland Art Gallery Exhibition.

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