Bettridge, Dan

CMJ Music Marathon, New York

Dan received support following an invite to showcase at CMJ Music Marathon 2015 in New York.

On his return, Dan stated:

"Approximately 2 months ago we were invited to showcase at New York City's multi-venue festival, CMJ. Through attending this festival our aim was to be able to engage and gain more listeners who would have otherwise been out of our reach. Also it was a great opportunity to do some networking in a major city. None of this would have been possible without Wales Arts International funding as we would have never been able to afford the travel and accommodation that was needed for such a trip. Being able to go and play this festival was a very rich experience. We were able to play 2 showcases, 1 in Brooklyn and 1 in Manhattan which both went very well and had a great response both during and after the shows. We also managed to have a meeting with a well established record label who also attended one of the shows. Something which was also made possible by attending the festival. I've also made some good friendships with fellow musicians from abroad including the States and Australia which I think will be very productive.

I believe the networking from this trip will be very valuable. We have made a great connection with a record label that has an established roster of artists and who also have offices in many major cities throughout the world including London, which is very convenient. We are hoping this relationship will flourish and at the very least we may gain some more shows, possibly in cities we would have not previously and with artists with a larger fan base than my own. I also feel that travelling and being able to play with bandmates abroad is a very important activity and one that has strengthened our relationship as friends as well as musicians which has a great impact on our music.

As for our friendships made with other musicians, I think these could be a great foot in the door for playing potentially playing more shows in other countries if the chance should arise. I also met another musician who played the festival who I have become a fan of and who I'm sure I will work with in the future.

My hope is to further develop relationships that have been gained from this trip whether it be to connect with more venues and/or promoters in New York and other cities to organise more shows to keep the listenership growing. Also I am confident that I will be working with some of the fellow musicians who I met whilst away. We also hope to continue to build on our relationship with Nettwerk Records which we hope will be fruitful by the time my album is due to promote and release."

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