US Visit Vanessa Cutler 2015 2

Cutler, Vanessa

Vanessa Cutler presented a paper about Current technology in glass pedagogy.

The funding from WAI helped support my attendance at the symposium "New Technologies in Practice" held at Urban Glass in New York and to spend time at Strattman Design in Boston. The time in both in New York and Boston was extremely beneficial in restoring my confidence in my interests and demonstrated that the knowledge and understanding I have of my craft is something that others within the field are interested in.

Apart from the time spent at the symposium and Strattman there was also time to see many exhibitions and other venues and exhibitions to view various types of technology being used. This has enabled me to look at diversifying my practice to include other technology. Networking whilst in New York was very productive and gave me insight to the complexity and sophistication of work being produced using an array of technology. It has shown me that there in space for more experimentation with technology.

It was an invigorating and inspiring two weeks that helped me reconnect with my practice and establish a starting point for further work. It has opened the door to new collaboration opportunity and diverse new networks that bring in new aesthetics to produce more substantial outcomes.

WAI supported Vanessa Cutler with travel and accommodation costs during her visit to New York.

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