NYC - Louise Hobson 2016

Hobson, Louise

A Curatorial Residency in New York with Residency Unlimited & Flux Factory

"One of the best things about being a part of a residency programme like Flux Factory and Residency Unlimited, is that that when you arrive in a city like New York, a city you haven’t been to before full of 8.5 million people, you are welcomed by a community. A really great community." – Louise Hobson

In February 2016 I undertook my first international residency - a curatorial residency with Residency Unlimited and Flux Factory in New York. This residency, supported by Wales Arts International and the Jane Phillips Award Curatorial Residency travel & research bursary, has enabled my practice to develop further in so many different ways.

I met with over 50 artists (28 of which I met with for studio visits) and 8 curators; I met 50 individuals who took part in the 2 Breakfast Clubs I hosted; I visited over 15 organisations/institutions; I attended 2 talks, 1 symposium and 4 events; I joined 2 field trips and I also went along to 1 open studio event.

Undertaking this residency enabled me to encounter practice I otherwise wouldn’t and to meet with a vast and diverse group of artists and curators, who for the most part, have never been to Wales. This encounter has so much potential and it’s this potential that I’m really excited about. From all the people I have met with, exhibitions I have seen, organisations and institutions I have visited, I know that I will continue many conversations and from that, make new projects happen.

In terms of what I’ve learned, undertaking this residency enabled me to genuinely experience an international community and an international conversation. I was the only resident on either programme from the UK and for me; this was a very new experience. I came to understand how Europe-centric my thinking can be, and how the majority of my socio-cultural and geographical reference points are also from Europe. I feel embarrassed at this realisation but also grateful that my encounters in New York have affected a need for change, which I hope in some way, this residency has already begun. A curatorial residency this may have been, but my time ‘elsewhere’ also provided the necessary distance from my own familiar way of living, to be honest and critical about it.

Thinking on enjoyment, it’s people that made this residency enjoyable. Between Flux Factory and Residency Unlimited, I met an incredible community of people; some based in the US and others temporarily in New York and from elsewhere, like me. Breakfast Club also provided the opportunity to meet more people I otherwise wouldn’t, which broadened out the conversation even further and so to hear Residency Unlimited is going to continue a Breakfast Club, is really exciting. It’s the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made who are the legacy of this residency and it’s because of those meetings, and those conversations, that projects will happen in the future.

WAI supported Louise Hobson to undertake a curatorial residency with Residency Unlimited and Flux Factory in New York.

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