Evans, Lowri

Folk Alliance International 2015

Lowri was invited to showcase at Folk Alliance International in Kansas City in February 2015. Writing about her experience, she says:

"Attending the FAI gave us the opportunity to meet and network with music industry professionals and musicians from all over the world and forge relationships with the people who book gigs, tours, festivals and house concerts in the USA, Canada and as far afield as Australia, as well as making connections with PR, management, publishing companies and record labels.

We thoroughly researched and planned who we wanted to meet before attending the conference, emailing music labels, journalists, agents and festival directors. While we were there we worked hard to make sure we spoke to these people and invited them to watch our showcase performances.

Attending and performing at the event has really opened our eyes to how much wonderful music is out there, and how important it is to make music industry contacts, network with other musicians and have the opportunity to perform and showcase our music to a wide and varied audience.

I believe that in years to come, we will still feel the repercussions of attending the Folk Alliance in 2015."


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