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Ballet Nimba

Promoting FareTa - "Land of Dance"

FareTa - Land of Dance

Ballet Nimba attended the Silicon Valley African Film Festival in California, 17-19 October 2014. This was the first documentary film for Ballet Nimba to produce, and were lucky enough to have it selected for screening at this international film festival. Whilst there, Fare-Ta was awarded the Documentary Short Award 2014, and the film was selected for screening at another festival in the US.

"Fare-Ta" is Ballet Nimba’s first Documentary film. It is directed by Idrissa Camara and features Idrissa as he travels back to his native Guinea to explore the vibrant dance culture, passing from the villages to the urban centres. The film was produced, edited and scripted by Lowri Myrddin with the technical assistance of film student Ruslan Pilyarov.

Watch the trailer:

The opportunity to be hosted at the festival, interact with other film makers and producers enabled Ballet Nimba to immerse themselves in this new area of work: "We came home enthused and inspired, our heads spinning with ideas and potential collaborations".

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