Tin Shed Theatre Company

Dr Frankenstein's Travelling Freak Show in San Diego

Tin Shed Theatr Company was invited to present Dr Frankenstein’s Travelling Freak Show in San Diego Fringe in July 2014.

"For Tin Shed Theatre Co., Dr Frankenstein’s Travelling Freak Show was in many respects our most successful production to date. First making the piece in 2012 thanks to support from Hendricks Gin at Brighton Fringe, the show went on to tour small venues across the UK, and played at Ed Fringe, Barnstaple Fringe and the London Horror Festival, culminating two years later in America for the company’s international debut.

Having the support of WAI on this project was fundamental in its success. Our aim was to export our own work, and see it exist for a short time internationally, and our reasons for wanting this were varied, from wanting to garner experience in international touring to promoting Welsh culture to international audiences.

Because of WAI funding we were able to achieve a long held ambition for our company, and in doing so it inspires us to reach further and dream bigger in the future. It made us fall in love with our work again, and it has instilled a philosophy of ambition within us. By taking our work out of Britain we were able to see it grow exponentially, and from that we gathered an international following of audiences who are now interested not only in our work, but work coming out of Wales."


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