Anna Lewis

Dubois, Pascal-Michel

'To Begin, at the beginning' exhibition visit.

Pascal-Michel was supported to participate in an exhibition in New York. Pascal-Michel also intended to create a new work and build up his networks in the city. In his project report he said:

On a whole, my project was a very positive experience and most of my objectives were realised. I travelled to New York with the intention of challenging my work & myself on an international platform and I think that I achieved this goal. I was impressed by the "to begin, at the beginning" exhibition. My piece looked good in the NURTUREart gallery space. I was fortunate enough to be there & have my own input on how my work was installed. I also carried out a comprehensive photographic record of the exhibition itself. The well attended opening night was a great opportunity to meet lots of people, including two of the artists involved in the show and start building up contacts.

It was the perfect prelude to the rest of my program. Over the remaining days, I visited a good number of galleries/art spaces (some that I previously contacted) and talked to most of the Directors/owners. I promoted my exhibition and always mentioning in the process the support that WAI provided to me. It certainly benefited me when I met one of the managers of the 9/11 Memorial. I was given a special pass & direct access to the site. To finally see the "Survivor Tree" and the Memorial was a special moment. This very unassuming pear tree was not in bloom yet (I expected that anyway), but the point of this 1st visit was to evaluate the feasibility of my photographic project. Now that the contact has been made, I have a strong expectation to see this symbolic tree again and complete this project in the future.

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