Anna Lewis

Ashill, Kathryn

A residency and exhibition at Flux Factory, New York

'For Future Reference' was a new body of work by Kathryn that aimed to collect and archive a variety of predictions about her future. These examples of her future were collected through visiting psychics, palmists, tarot readers and astrologers. This project idea stemmed directly from an experience Kathryn had on a trip to New York in 2007 when she visited a psychic. Kathryn used her time in New York to revisit that psychic and to create a site specific performance in response to this. The aim was to continue the project on her return to Wales and to create a body of multimedia work to exhibit.

Kathryn also created a new performance for Sam Perry's curated exhibition at Flux Factory in New York. She received an invitation from Sam Perry (Wales) and Flux Factory (N.Y) to make a new site specific performance as part of an exhibition that focuses on Welsh and American artists. The work was created after a residency at Flux Factory's international residency space and was Kathryn’s first international invitation to exhibit.

WAI provided Kathryn Ashill with assistance towards travel to New York to take part in a residency and exhibition being curated by Sam Perry at Flux Factory, New York. The trip also included Kath researching, developing and performing a piece building on a previous experience she had whilst visiting visit to New York.

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