Anna Lewis

Brookes, Michael

Just a little bit of history repeating (USA residency)

Michael undertook a residency at the Salina Arts Center in Kansas and at Brown University to develop a new context specific collaboration with Rosa Casado and to advance the live art project: a little bit of history repeating.

Michael said, "As planned, this phase of the ‘Just a little bit of history repeating’ project was

developed across two parallel residencies: one in Salina, Kansas, hosted by Salina

Art Center; the other in Providence, Rhode Island, hosted by Brown University. With

the work being scheduled across three progressive residency periods: an initial two

week period in Providence, followed by a six week studio based residency in Salina,

and culminating in a second final two week residency in Providence.

We began with an initial research period in Providence. Where we met with local

residents, historians, and artists - each of whom we asked to guide us around

chosen areas and aspects of the city, from the perspective of their own individual

experience and understanding. Over this period we shaped initial ideas, laid

foundations for how our work within the specific context of the city might be focused,

and developed particularly useful dialogues with the city archivist and a number of

local residents - dialogues that we subsequently sustained across the process and

duration of both residencies.

Moving then to Salina, we initiated a parallel exploration of this second city, and of

the remembered and recorded pasts that we met and were introduced to there -

developing working dialogues and relationships with archivist from the city’s library

and museums, with local residents, and with a number of local artists. Having

structured our residency in Salina as the project’s active development period, we

used our time there to shape intentions and proposals for interventions into the

public and social space of both host cities, and tested and presented those ideas -

and wider aspects of the work in general - through a number of formal and informal

artists’ talks, through regular public open studio sessions, and through the proposal

and presentation of public work."

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