Anne Gibbs

Anne Gibbs

Anne Gibbs' Residency at the Clay Studio, Philadelphia

Anne Gibbs is a sculpture artist working at the Fireworks Clay Studio in Cardiff, who was awarded Wales Arts International’s third residency at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia. Starting in March 2009, Anne spent two months in Philadelphia, exploring further her unique style of working with bone china, using pins and wire, created and found objects.

Anne was brought up in an ex-mining community in the South Wales Valleys where she explains that, "Life was often driven by hard labour and there was little time for celebration". This theme has been a vein running through her work, which seeks to portray the countering forces of the functional and the fancy, the family and the festivity. Her sculptures are inspired by images of the ‘home’ and Anne collects both materials and inspiration for her work from car boot sales and antique shops around Wales.

In Philadelphia Anne aimed to visit many different museums and collections to inform and inspire her work, drawing links and contrasts with those in South Wales. However, studio practice is foremost among her priorities, and Anne aimed to spend more time engaging with the creative process. Viewing the work of Julie York and Anat Shiftan, Anne hoped to address a number of the challenges she has in common with these artists and use these influences in her work back in Wales.

Anne works as a project artist for a town and landscaping company in Bridgend. She gained her BA in Fine Art and her Masters Degree in Ceramics at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff and has had regular exhibitions throughout the UK since 1999, with a public collection in Korea. Anne has also undertaken a group-touring exhibition in Montreal and Quebec City and hopes to continue the learning process based around exploring new cultures. This was Anne’s fourth residency, though her first outside the UK.

Anne Gibbs' residency was supported by Wales Arts International, who set up a partnership with the Clay Studio in Philadelphia in 2007, to set up a programme of residencies for Wales based artists.

Anne Gibbs report

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