David Cushway

David Cushway

David Cushway's Residency at the Clay Studio, Philadeplphia

David Cushway, a contemporary ceramic artist, was chosen for a residency at the highly prestigious Clay Studio from March to April 2008, as the second residency supported by Wales Arts International in partnership with the Clay studio in Philadelphia.

The opportunity to work in a different environment to one's own is invaluable to an artist’s practice. David’s process of working is very much about responding to a new and different environment and the work lends itself to being context-based. David explains:

"A period of eight weeks of uninterrupted time in a completely new environment allows my work to develop in new and exciting ways"

Originally from Wickford, Essex, David Cushway is based at the Fireworks Studio, Cardiff, of which he is a founder member. His work has already exhibited widely both in the UK and at European galleries. His work was selected for the Ceramics Purchase Prize and was short listed for the Fine Art Gold Medal at the National Eisteddfod of Wales.

Cushway graduated from Bath Spa University and later undertook a masters degree at the University of Wales, Cardiff. Cushway has completed a residency at The European Keramik Work Centre, Holland following the success of his first solo show Primary Object at Chapter Arts Centre. In 2005, David was part of a group exhibition ‘Flourish’, which was a co-curated exhibition between g39, Cardiff and Moravská Galerie Brno, Místodrzitelský palác, Czech Republic as part of the Czech Republic programme, organised by Wales Arts International. Other exhibitions include Radioestensioni, Bologna and Travelogue at the Whitworth Museum and Gallery.

David Cushway’s practise encompasses installation, video and sculpture. Using clay as a material he has been developing a concept led practise for over a decade. He uses the material in both its states, natural and fired, that allows him to comment on the relationships between nature and culture. The relationship to the earth, from which we draw clay to use, is a fundamental concern within his practice.

David Cushway's residency was supported by Wales Arts International, who set up a partnership with the Clay Studio in Philadelphia in 2007, to set up a programme of residencies for Wales based artists.

For further information, please visit:
w: www.theclaystudio.org

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