Anna Lewis

Disson, Joseph

Canadian Music week 2016 (CMW) Showcase

Joseph Disson along with the rest of the band, The Undivided received support to showcase at Canadian Music Week 2016.

Following the event, a member of the band's management, Liza Buddie, reported:

"Funding enabled us to travel and perform our music live in front of an audience consisting of International music industry and a new audience of fans. We handed out a Free CD of our music to the audience attending each night in return for their email address. We set up our IPAD with our branded mail chimp mailing list sign up by typing in their emails direct to the mailing list and now we have our new Canadian fans email data to keep in touch. This will help us in the future to return to North America to sell merchandise online but also sell show tickets in advance. We gained interest from a number of Sync Agents who will be working to have our music placed in US & North America TV ads, Film’s, shows and video games.

Independent label interest means we need to continue to build exposure through radio & Press with Mauder Company who will work on marketing the band in genre related areas, and build on the exposure they are already receiving. We will look to return to continue to develop the Canadian market with the support of live performances.

Our music is well suited in the Canadian/US market, so our plan is to push out through sync placement and US college radio to continue to platform our music. We have been working with US Planetary PR who achieved high radio playlists on US college radio as well as CMJ radio distinctions. Which has gained us the beginning of a US following and North America."

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