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China – Wales Stakeholder Update – sign up for trade and cultural missions to and from China

China – Wales Stakeholder Update – sign up for trade and cultural missions to and from China

The second annual China-Wales Stakeholder event coordinated by WAI on behalf of Welsh Government at Hoddinott Hall in July 2017 was an opportunity for a broad range of participants to share intelligence on developments in relationships and activities between China and Wales.

It was an opportunity for various key companies to feedback on the Welsh Government Trade and Cultural mission lead by Cabinet Secretary Ken Skates in February 2017 and the UK-China High Level People to People Summit in December 2016. The forum also heard ideas and insights from numerous representatives from universities from across China who were visiting a conference organised by Cardiff University the following day.

The event included a summary from Eluned Haf (Wales Arts International and a member of the China-UK Cultural Advisory Group), research presented by Dr Haili Ma of Cardiff University, and a discussion between Dr Iwan Davies (Swansea University), Michael Garvey (BBC NOW), Peter Owen (Welsh Government) and Dr Haili Ma, lead by the chair of Arts Council Wales, Phil George. It was clear from the conversation that there has been much activity over the past year, which has created a huge appetite for further collaboration.

There was also a group discussion session which provided an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and start planning for the year ahead and how the broader cultural sector in Wales can respond to opportunities in China. The intelligence gathered and input shared by participants from the education, arts, creative industries, sport, tourism and heritage sectors, provide us with plenty of encouraging ideas which will ensure that the next steps build on the positive progress being made.

From sharing skills and existing expertise here in Wales, to ways of developing capacity and utilising the thousands of existing relationships through student advocates, there were a number of ideas posited about how to take this work forward. It was clear that nurturing relationships is central to developing these exchanges and collaborations further, and that at this point we are merely scratching the surface of the vast potential for developing relations between Wales and China.

We are now looking forward to rolling out the second year of activities. There will be a focus on broadening and deepening relationships; growing our stakeholder engagement in partnership with higher education and UK Stakeholders; developing the capacity of creative and cultural businesses looking to work in China; developing and supporting skills exchanges; supporting trade and cultural missions to and from China; developing sharpened research on the opportunities ahead and publishing annual reports, the first of which will be published in October 2017 ahead of a delegation visit to the Shanghai International Arts Festival.

Following the success of last year’s trade and cultural mission, let us know if you intend to sign up to the next Welsh Government mission in March 2018 (sign up here). We are encouraging creative and cultural companies (including education and sports) who are developing their work in China to do so.

How can you get involved?

· Sign up to the stakeholder group – email your details to Judith.muskerturner@wai.org.uk

· Sign up to the China Now platform and indulge in the broad-ranging content

· Sign up to the Welsh Government trade mission

· Sign up to British Council Connections through Culture delegation visits

· Keep us informed if you are hosting guests from China

· Sign up to WeChat, the preferred social media platform of China

· Let us know if you are interested in participating in sectoral workshops over the coming year (we expect to hold three covering sports, education, and creative and cultural)

Thank you to all who came and contributed. It was an inspiring and invigorating afternoon which left everyone with plenty to think about!

Take a look at the images from the day on our Facebook page:


Here is a presentation about year one activity that was shown on the day:

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