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Guidance for organisations on the EU referendum

Guidance for organisations on the EU referendum

The referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union will be held on June 23rd 2016. The Electoral Commission has publicised the final date for registration to vote as 7th June 2016

The relationship the arts sector has with the EU is multifaceted, ranging from finance, copyright regulation, to cultural exchange and the movement of artists across European borders.

As a Welsh Government Sponsored Body, the Arts Council can take no part in campaigning, offer any views or become involved in any debates.

Arts organisations in Wales are referred to Welsh Government for information on current funding position from EU sources. More information about EU Funding in Wales can be found here.

European Structural Funds in Wales (ERDF and ESF) have contributed to cultural regeneration and infrastructure projects in recent years. ESF funding has contributed to skills, training and social inclusion projects. Information is available here.

The Welsh Government operates a Creative Europe Desk and information on recently supported activity is available here.

A number of cultural organisations have received investment through the European Rural Development Fund (ERDF) and through the European Territorial Cooperation programmes (INTERREG). Information on other EU funding programmes for transnational cooperation is available here.

Cultural organisations with charitable status who decide to discuss the referendum publicly should follow guidelines by the Charity Commission which can be found here. In particular trustees will want to consider how they would do so while retaining independence and neutrality. Where such an organisation chooses to back either the Remain or Leave campaigns they should follow Charity Commission guidelines on political activity which can be found here. Care should be taken to ensure your activity furthers the core purpose of your charitable organisation.

Where organisations, charitable or otherwise, choose to engage in political activity we would strongly advise those doing so to follow the guidelines set out by the Electoral Commission, which can be found here. Where your organisation plans to spend more than £10,000 on any campaigning activity, you must register with the Electoral Commission.

More information about the EU institutions can be found here.

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