Robert Carlyle - I Know You Know by/gan Justin Kerrigan


By Jon Gower

The existence of such bodies as S4C, the Welsh language television channel and the Film Agency for Wales have been propitious for film making. Recent successes include Hattie Dalton’s ‘Third Star’ and the prize garnering ‘White African’ by Welsh producer Elizabeth Morgan Hemlock. Directors such as Marc Evans have created engaging and illuminating bodies of work ranging from the Valleys dystopia ‘House of America,’ through the tenderly moving ‘Snowflake’ to the terribly scary ‘My Little Eye’. Cardiff based director Justin Kerrigan’s followed his commercially successful coming of age movie ‘Human Traffic’ with the recently released ‘I Know You Know’ and one of the most lauded films to Welsh country life, the post-modern pastoral ‘Sleep Furiously’ by Gideon Koppel won the Guardian First Film Award or its depiction of life in a close-knit sheep farming community.

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