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Wales: A Country Profile

‘Wales is a wonder, and a fascinating one: tantalizing, often ambiguous, sometimes maddening, inspirational to many, inexplicable to some, but never, ever to its sternest critics, never for a moment dull.’ Jan Morris ‘Wales’ Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2009

Wales is a distinctive part of the British Isles, a separate nation to its neighbours England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. From remote mountain valleys to bustling cities, is truly is a land of contrasts. Its broad heritage spans a spectrum which at once encompasses rich creativity through poetry and song, and the grit of long-silenced coal mines. The beautifully undulating landscape has a border with England to the east and boasts an extensive coastline to the west.

Wales has one of Europe’s oldest living cultures with a rich unbroken literary and music tradition that stretches back to the fifth century and beyond. It is a nation built on music, art, legends and literature, with a thriving, vibrant arts scene that reaches from coast to coast.

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