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Cultural Networking

European advisor to the Wales European Arts Forum, Simon Mundy has prepared his guide to Cultural Networks.


For individuals and organisations alike, the opportunities for international networking have grown. For arts professionals in Wales, this networking takes place at two principal levels, the global and the European. With the move towards a European Union and the development of digital technology, the last 25 years has seen an explosion of networks, many of which provide more flexible and responsive forums that cut across traditional arts categories. For the arts this is an essential development.

The list of networks (a term which includes associations with members) that follows is not exhaustive. However it describes many of the most active networks and organisations with which arts professionals in Wales might want to engage in order to have influence on the international and European development of the sector. The vast majority are keen to be inclusive and have levels of supporting membership for professional individuals and organisations that share their interests.

Click here to download the guide to Cultural Networks by Simon Mundy

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