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Huws, Sioned Japan Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Sioned Huws The Amori Project was initiated in 2008 by James Tyson (Chapter Theatre Programmer until 2011) and Teiko Hinuma (program director of ARTizan and Rikuzentakata Artist in Residency Program) as a residency exchange between Chapter, Aomori Contemporary Arts Centre and ARTizan.


Huws, Sioned Japan Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Sioned Huws travelled to Japan for 3 months to develop new performance work, participate in residencies, make a film and perform previously developed work from Aomori Project (ongoing since 2009/10).

Harris, Alan Japan Read More

Alan Harris was supported to travel to Japan to take part in the rehearsal process for a new play commissioned by the New National Theatre Tokyo and National Theatre Wales (The Opportunity of Efficiency).

Music Theatre Wales Korea Read More

Music Theatre Wales applied for funding to enable one of the Artistic directors of the company, Michael McCarthy, to undertake a research and development visit to Tongyeong and Seoul ahead of taking a performance there.

Music Theatre Wales Korea Read More

Music Theatre Wales was invited by the Tongyeong International Music Festival (TIMF) in South Korea to present three performances of GREEK by Mark-Anthony Turnage in April 2015 – the Asian premiere of the opera and first visit to the region for the company.

Wales PEN Cymru Kyrgystan Read More

Sally Baker represented Wales PEN Cymru as a delegate at the 2014 PEN International Congress in Bishek, Kyrgyzstan.

Chapter Lithuania Read More

Aura Dance Theatre, in partnership with Chapter, hosted a two week development period in Lithuania in October 2013 where Wales based choreographer Deborah Light worked to create a 15 to 20 minute piece which was performed during the company's visit to Cardiff later in the month.

Wells, Meri 28/01/2014 Malaysia Read More
Meri Wells - Ceramic Symposium - 2014

Meri Wells received funding to enable her to attend an artist in residency programme at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak in March 2014.

Lawrence, Wendy Malaysia Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Ceramicist Wendy Lawrence was supported to participate in a two week residency at the University Malaysia Sarawak in March 2014.

Wales Literature Exchange Mexico Read More
Cynan Jones, La Tejonera 2014

This was a project to enable Cynan Jones to attend Guadalajara Book Fair in December 2014.

Bowen, Robin Mexico Read More

Robin Huw Bowen travelled to Durango, Mexico to participate in the Festival Latinoamericano de Arpa in October 2015.

PEN Pregunta - Mexico Mexico Read More

Wales Arts International funding allowed Dylan Moore to travel to Mexico City on behalf of Wales PEN Cymru to participate not only in PEN Pregunta, a one-off public event which provided a platform for international writers and journalists to speak up for persecuted colleagues in Mexico, but also to participate in the Summit of the Americas, a major meeting of PEN International centres across the Americas and beyond.

Palser, Marega Morocco Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Marega Palser received funding to present 'Sometimes We Look' an exhibition of movement, drawing and animation at Fez International Dance Festival, Morocco.

The Original Print Place Netherlands Read More
Original Print Place - Amsterdam - 2013

Storytellers Guto Dafis and Lauren were supported create a storytelling event to coincide with their Welsh Contemporary Print Exhibition that was held at Galerie Josine Bokhoven in Amsterdam.

Swnami Netherlands Read More
Swnami, Eurosonic 2015

Swnami were invited to showcase at Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival in the Netherlands in January 2015.

Sinfonia Cymru Netherlands Read More

Sinfonia Cymru’s Chief Executive, Sophie Lewis, was funded to attend Classical Next Conference in Rotterdam in May 2015.

Wales PEN Cymru Netherlands Read More

PEN Cyrmu were supported to participate in 2 PEN International Conferences: Simon Mundy at the Writers for Peace in Slovenia and Caroline Stockford at the Writers in Prison in Amsterdam.

Jones, Buddug James New Zealand Read More

Buddug James Jones was awarded funding to take her bilingual theatre show, Hiraeth, to New Zealand to perform at festivals in the region in autumn 2015.

Conn, Gerald New Zealand Read More
Gerald Conn_IOF_NewZealand_2014

Gerald Conn travelled to Auckland Art and Design School, to introduce his unique sand animation work focusing on mobile technologies.

White, Jack Norway Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

From Autumn 2014 to Spring 2015 I undertook a series of working residencies with the Pinquins (a group actively pursuing new avenues for presenting new music in experimental venues) devising and developing new work.

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