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Rees, Sara Greece Read More

Sara was invited by ABC Gallery in Moscow to take her participatory artwork, DEMOCRACY to Art Athina, Greece in May 2014.

Asquith, John Hungary Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

In the colourful weft of European literature, the traditions of two utterly dissimilar countries, Wales and Hungary, are woven together.

Smith, Robert India Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Olion Byw India Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

The folk band duos, Olion Byw were supported to collaborate with musicians at the Tagore House in Kolkata and perform the results at the Gorbhanga Festival.

Williams, Phil 07/01/2014 India Read More
Phil Williams - Cascade India - 2014

Phil Williams received support to work with Delhi based Danceworx contemporary dance company to research and start initial development of a new collaborative dance piece and to develop a schools based project in Goa.

Younan, Sarah Indonesia Read More
Sarah Younan - chain-installation - Bandung Residency - 2014

Sarah Younan was supported to participate in the Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennial and the Bandung Residency.

Lawlor, Patrick Ireland Read More
Patrick Lawlor

Patrick and his band were invited to showcase their music at the Association of Irish Festival Events (AOIFE) conference in November 2014.

Lloyd-Jones, Jessica Ireland Read More
Jessica Lloyd-Jones

My six-week residency at Leitrim Sculpture Centre was a turning point for new directions in my creative practice that has resulted from an intensely productive and thought provoking experience.

Arndell, Jonathan Israel Read More
Soap Factory in Nablus, Jonathan Arndell 2015

This award was a research and development visit for building links between arts communities in Palestine and in Wales.

Emberton, Gwyn Israel Read More

Gwyn Emberton worked on a multinational level, collaborating with dancers and choreographers in Israel and Sweden.

Poetry Wales Press Limited Israel Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Poet and Poetry Wales editor, Zoe Skoulding, was supported to participate in the Sha'ar International Poetry Festival in Israel.

CAAPO Italy Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

CAAPO travelled to Florence, Italy to produce a public art project in the city centre in May 2014.

Freshwest Design Italy Read More

Freshwest Design to go to Milan Design week as R&D for future attendance and exhibition at the event in 2015.

Webster, Catrin Italy Read More

Catrin was funded to undertake a residency at the British School at Rome in September 2014.

Addo Italy Read More
Addo 2014, Presentation, Milan

Addo applied for funding for the organisation and artist Alan Goulbourne to attend the World Canals Conference in Milan, 1-4 September 2014 to develop their network of contacts and present to the conference on the work they have been doing with artists in residence as a case study of their work with canals in Wales.

Packham, Ruth Italy Read More

The project Felt a Giant shell was the result of a number of ideas that Ruth had relating to felt making and her practice.

Jordao, Ariana Japan Read More

Arian Jordao applied for funding for herself and Siriol Joyner to travel to Japan to present a paper at the Performance Studies International Conference in Tohuko, Aomori in August-September 2015 and collaborate with a ceramic artist.

Huws, Sioned Japan Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Sioned Huws The Amori Project was initiated in 2008 by James Tyson (Chapter Theatre Programmer until 2011) and Teiko Hinuma (program director of ARTizan and Rikuzentakata Artist in Residency Program) as a residency exchange between Chapter, Aomori Contemporary Arts Centre and ARTizan.


Tyson, James Japan Read More

James Tyson was supported to participate in a 3 week residency with Gekidan Kaitaisha in Tokyo in August 2014.

Huws, Sioned Japan Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Sioned Huws travelled to Japan for 3 months to develop new performance work, participate in residencies, make a film and perform previously developed work from Aomori Project (ongoing since 2009/10).

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