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Fowler, Dylan Argentina Read More
Dylan Fowler

Dylan Fowler performed a series of concerts in Brazil and Argentina, including Patagonia in 2013.

Rees, Marc Argentina Read More
Adain Avion - Marc Rees

Patagonia 150

Thomas, Sian Argentina Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

For Sian Thomas to undertake a research visit to Patagonia as part of the development process for a large scale production for Patagonia 150 celebrations in 2015.

Atkinson, Tiffany Argentina Read More
WLE_Patagonia 2013_thumbnail

Tiffany Atkinson participated in the Wales - Latin American Writers Chain across Patagonia with Karen Owen, Richard Gwyn, Nia Davis, and Mererid Hopwood.

Williams, Gwyn L Argentina Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Gwyn L Williams was invited by the 2013 Encuentros Festival to give seminars and masterclasses for Argentine choral conductors in the city.

Owen, Karen Argentina Read More

Karen Owen participated in the Wales - Latin American Writers Chain across Patagonia with Karen Owen, Richard Gwyn, Nia Davis, Mererid Hopwood and Tiffany Atkinson .

Hopwood, Elin Mererid Argentina Read More

Mererid Hopwood participated in the Wales - Latin American Writers Chain across Patagonia with Karen Owen, Richard Gwyn, Nia Davis, and Tiffany Atkinson.

Wales Literature Exchange Argentina Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

For Wales Literature Exchange to lead a series of translatio workshops and readings between Welsh, Chilean and Argentinian writers across Patagonia, in partnership with the Club de Traductores Buenos Aires and local partners.

Shapland, Anthony Argentina Read More
Anthony Shapland - URRA - Oct 2013

Anthony Shapland was supported to participate in the URRA residency in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Busby, Rachel Argentina Read More
Rachel Busby_IOF_URRA_Residency_BuenosAires_Oct2014

Rachel Busby was invited to attend the annual URRA month long residency in Buenos Aires in October 2014.

Parri, Luned Rhys Argentina Read More

Luned Rhys Parri applied to travel to Patagonia in Argentina in November 2014 to research the people and the place to inform a new body of work.

Arwel, Rhisiart Argentina Read More

Rhisiart Arwel travelled to Argentina in February 2015 to perform at the Patagonia Celtica festival in Trevelin and to meet with potential collaborators across Chubut.

Stamp, Shaun Armenia Read More
Shaun Herbert-Stamp

Shaun undertook a two month residency at Arteles Creative Centre in Haukijärvi, Finland based on the theme of Silence, Awareness, Existence, in November – December 2014.

Theatr Iolo Australia Read More
Theatr Iolo - Australia research trip - 2013

Theatr Iolo received support to undertake a research and development visit to Sydney Opera House and Melbourne Arts Centre, Australia.

Bonello, Gareth Australia Read More

Gareth was invited to perform at Perth International Arts Festival and Great Southern Blues Festival, Feb 23- March 16 2015.

Mary Husted Australia Read More
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

A major exhibition of artists books, curated by Mary Husted and featuring Welsh and international artists, was presented at the Logan Gallery, Queensland and at the Australian Defence Academy Library, Canberra.

Greenhalgh, Jill Australia Read More

Jill Greenhalgh travelled to Australia with support from Wales Arts International and Aberystwyth University to work on her collaborative project, The Quietude Project – The Book of Space.

Turnbull, Stephanie Australia Read More
Stephanie Turnbull_Lithograph_Post office heads

Stephanie's project was to visit certain parts of Australia in order to spend time with a number of practitioners, who she felt could add to her current practice and enable it to develop.

National Theatre Wales Australia Read More
  Gavin Porter_Project_Jan_Miller_2014

In September 2015 Gavin Porter and Devinda De Silva were invited to attend the National Indigenous Theatre Forum in Brisbane, Australia – a three day forum where Indigenous practitioners from around the world come together with a focus on the advancement of the Indigenous theatre sector in Australia.

Moore, James Austria Read More

James undertook a month long residency at Atelierhaus Salzamt in December 2014.

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