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Williams, Jeremy Huw USA Read More
 Jeremy Huw Williams

Jeremy Huw Williams was supported to visit the US to perform 12 recitals in 30 days across 5 states.

Williams, John Greece Read More
Greece Grief

During July and August 2015 Richard James and John Williams spent four weeks in Greece, mostly in Epirus and Athens.

Williams, Phil 07/01/2014 India Read More
Phil Williams - Cascade India - 2014

Phil Williams received support to work with Delhi based Danceworx contemporary dance company to research and start initial development of a new collaborative dance piece and to develop a schools based project in Goa.

Williams, Sue China Read More
sue williams - Open Books China - 2013

Sue Williams received support to travel to Shangshung to undertake workshops and talks as part of her participation in the Open Books Plus exhibition at Shangshung Museum of Contemporary Art.

Winfield, Peter Lawrie USA Read More

Peter Lawrie, band member of Until the Ribbon Breaks, received funding to help the band get to Austin, Texas to play an official music showcase slot in SXSW, March 2014.

Younan, Sarah Indonesia Read More
Sarah Younan - chain-installation - Bandung Residency - 2014

Sarah Younan was supported to participate in the Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennial and the Bandung Residency.

Young, Joanna Belgium Read More

Joanna was supported to undertake a three week residency at the internationally acclaimed arts organisation Work Space Brussels in May 2015, where she developed a new work, Don’t think about a purple daisy’.

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