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Webster, Catrin Argentina Read more
Catrin Webster

I received an offer of an International Residency, part funded by the host organisation URRA, to spend one month working in a studio in Buenos Aires, together with a group of 15 artists from around the world.

Turnbull, Stephanie Australia Read more
Stephanie Turnbull_Lithograph_Post office heads

Stephanie's project was to visit certain parts of Australia in order to spend time with a number of practitioners, who she felt could add to her current practice and enable it to develop.

National Theatre Wales Australia Read more
  Gavin Porter_Project_Jan_Miller_2014

In September 2015 Gavin Porter and Devinda De Silva were invited to attend the National Indigenous Theatre Forum in Brisbane, Australia – a three day forum where Indigenous practitioners from around the world come together with a focus on the advancement of the Indigenous theatre sector in Australia.

Jones, Andrew Canada Read more
The RosevilleBand_IOF_Toronto_Oct2015

The Roseville Band have been invited to play a showcase at Indie Week Canada, Toronto which takes place in October 2015.

Wales PEN Cymru Canada Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Wales PEN Cymru received support for two delegates (Menna Elfyn and Simon Mundy) to participate in the PEN International Congress in Quebec.

Disson, Joseph Canada Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Joseph Disson along with the rest of the band, The Undivided received support to showcase at Canadian Music Week 2016.

Llewellyn, Richard Canada Read more

Richard Llewellyn of Paper Aeroplanes received support to take the band to Toronto and showcase at NXNE in June 2015.

Dyer, Kevin Canada Read more

Kevin Dyer applied for support to collaborate with YPT Toronto on ' The Cupboard Under the Stairs' and then to travel to New York to continue on the next phase of working with Barbara Wiechmann.

Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence Canada Read more

Vertical Dance Company Director, Kate Lawrence received support for herself and two dancers to travel to Vancouver to collaborate and develop two new pieces of work in new performance spaces.

HMS Morris Canada Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

HMS Morris are applying got funding to showcase at Canadian Music Week in Toronto


The People The Poet Canada Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

The People The Poet applied for funding to travel to Toronto to showcase at Canadian Music Week in May 2016.

Berney, Hannah Canada Read more

Violet Skies applied to travel to Toronto to showcase at Canadian Music Week in May 2016.

Bettridge, Dan Canada Read more

Dan applied for support to travel to Toronto to showcase at Canadian Music Week 2016.

Rees, Aled Canada Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Cut Ribbons are applying for funding to showcase at Canadian Music Week 2016.

Theatr Iolo Canada Read more
 Adventures in the Skin Trade - Theatr Iolo

Attending the IPAY showcase gave us an understanding of just how global the marketplace for Theatre for Young Audiences has become.

Lighthouse Theatre Ltd Chile Read more

In October 2015, WAI supported the Lighthouse Theatre company on a trip to Chile, Uruguay and Patagonia – where they delivered workshops and trilingual performances with schools and community groups.

Rhydderch, Francesca China Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Francesca Rhydderch received support to launch the Chinese translation of her novel, The Rice Paper Diaries at the Shanghai International Literary Week 2015 accompanied by the book translator, Dr Yan Ying Following the visit, Francesca said: "I was invited to Shanghai in order to help promote the launch of the Chinese translation of my novel The Rice Paper Diaries.

Gibbard, Gwenan China Read more
 Gwenan Gibbard

This journey to Hong Kong included opportunities to perform for audiences in Hong Kong including public concerts for a harp school, The Harp Chamber, and two concerts for the recording label, Sunrise/Grandview Culture in two branches of shops selling Eslite books and music.

Literature Across Frontiers China Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Literature Across Frontiers recieved funding to attend the Bookworm International Literary Festival and the Script Road Festival in China.

Tom Goddard China Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Thomas is applying for funding to participate at Up on Live Arts Festival in China.

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